Recently, the role and importance of increasing accuracy in both inter and intra laboratories were reviewed and most IFCC and AACC schemes developed to reduce the inaccuracy and creating accordance between varieties of laboratories. These activities have been divided into harmonization and standardization of the laboratory’s results. To obtain of this aim, Proficiency Test (PT) /External Quality Assessment (EQA) and peer group programs have significant roles in both harmonization and standardization of laboratory methods. Also, it is important to know that sample types, short period of evaluation and proper method of analysis are effective factors to increase the effectiveness of EQA/Peer Group program.

NEQAP (Nima Pouyesh Teb External Quality Assessment Program) is aiming to increase inter and intra laboratory accuracy, harmonization and increase trueness of patients’ results in qualitative, quantitative and semi quantitative tests in a variety of laboratories, with considering mentioned effective factors in EQA /Peer group program.

According to the definitive of ISO/REMCO N1129, commutability and tractability are the most important sample features that used in EQA/peer group programs which these features in NEQAP have been considered to increase the effectiveness of the program. Also, sample stability in storage and transportation, consider proper concentration for decision level and being matched with the patient sample (Serum, Plasma, Urine, CSF, whole blood) have been taken into account in this program.

Ability to evaluate results in the least possible time is another outstanding feature of the NEQAP. In NEQAP, all results are being analyzed according to CLSI-EP30A instruction daily (peer group) and monthly (EQA/PT). NEQAP / peer group with the ability of IQC and EQC evaluation is able to calculate sigma metric, TE and POC chart as well as a quality control rule determination for each analytes based on sigma scale.

Finally, NEQAP is considering in respect to utilizing a proper control material and appropriate laboratory evaluation to take an effective step towards applying the quality assurance.