Nima Pouyesh Teb External Quality Assessment Program

External Quality Assessment (EQA) and Proficiency Testing (PT) are valuable tools in the quality improvement process. They provide objective evidence of laboratory competence for customers, accrediting bodies, and regulatory agencies, and serve as a unique source of information that is not obtainable in other ways.

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About Us

Nima Pouyesh Teb

NIMA POUYESH TEB (NPT CO.) is a private/ sole proprietorship company which was established in 1997. NPT CO. is considered as one of the leading supplier of laboratory instruments as well as laboratory kits in Iran within a few years. Our business model is based on the investment of massive portions of our assets in the purchase and sale of laboratory instruments and products.

NPT conducts purchase and sell laboratory instruments and kits. Our company succeeded in fulfilling commitments toward customers’requirements in handling the imported goods from different companies located in different developed countries such as Italy, Japan and etc., on full scale. Our channels for distribution are direct sales force, agents and sub distributors also we run our business throughout the country by our agencies in all provinces. Meanwhile the company undertakes all maintenance duties for broken instruments as well as takes part in training the customer due to better utilization of laboratory instruments and kits. NPT provides and attends in all prestigious events in the medical industry. Success in finalizing many distribution agreements with foreign companies and having in mind to extend its activities as well as subsidiary’s activities in closed distance countries. We owe our progressive expansion to coincidentally usage of specialist’s knowledge and experiences in various fields such .as Electronics, Medical instrument engineering, basic and clinical sciences and marketing.




Semi Quantitative

Recently, the role and importance of increasing accuracy in both inter and intra laboratories were reviewed and most IFCC and AACC schemes developed to reduce the inaccuracy and creating accordance between varieties of laboratories. These activities have been divided into harmonization and standardization of the laboratory’s results. To obtain of this aim, Proficiency Test (PT) /External Quality Assessment (EQA) and peer group programs have significant roles in both harmonization and standardization of laboratory methods. Read More ...



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